Tank was $1.50 from Forever 21

Shirt $20 from American Apparel

What I’ve been up to:)


Well Hello There Guys:)

I have not been on here for a long time-_-. I know I always give the ” I was busy “excuse but seriously guys I am a busy girl! I am currently taking 5 college classes and, let me tell ya’ll, this semester is a challenging. I decided to take this amount because I am trying to graduate already haha. I am now considered a Junior but I really want to graduate either the fall or spring of 2016. On the track I’m going I should be able to make it:). I also have found a job as a desk assistant in my apartment complex. I am actually writing from my job at this very moment. This job has honestly been the best one I have ever had! It is the easiest, I literally sit at a desk wait for people to come get their mail and go to their rooms when they have lock outs. I work with some of the best people and my managers are AMAZING! Well, thats all I really wanted to say haha catch ya’ll on the flip side byes!!

Oh! almost forgot my hair is growing so fast:) js..

Katy Perry Concert!

Hey y’all;)

On the third of July I went to a Katy Perry concert, it was amazing. She is as gorgeous in person as she is on tv lol. My mom surprised my sister with VIP tickets….we weren’t able to meet her because she didn’t offer a meet and greet but I was able to use her photo booth and take as many photos as I wanted. Plus I was super close to the stage:) below are some of the photos 😉












To be honest…

Hey guys:) I have been thinking about a lot lately. I am going to school for Business Management and hopefully a minor in Accounting. After school I plan on being a manager of a business and saving up to one day open a store of my own or to honestly save money and make a store website online.

To be honest…I am looking forward to graduating college in two years (turning 20 this summer woot!) but I am more excited about one day becoming a mom. I know this may sound crazy but I have been fascinated about babies ever since I was in the 10th grade in high school, that was literally five years ago! I don’t know what it is! I literally can watch baby videos all day long! I love the before, middle, and after when it comes to babies being born. I just love being around kids! I want to be someones mother and I honestly can’t wait for that day when I can hold what I and my partner created in my hands.

Honestly, I am turning 20 and if I want child I could have one, I am deciding to wait. Some of you guys may be thinking, hold up does this girl even have a bf? Yes, I do we are almost at our second year and if everything works out he will be the guy I marry in two more years. We talk about it a lot and we decided to wait to get married after we finish school. (And honestly, I will get married at the court house to save money if I have to. I really do think its best to get married before I have a child.) We want to do it this way because we both agreed and feel like it would be a great choice just to make sure we finish our schooling. Honestly, if we wanted to we would get married next year but we don’t want to get married and have to come back to school-_-. I’d rather come back from our honeymoon and start our lives together! Bills and all lol. And trust me guys my boyfriend wants this as bad as I do. So, I am not in this alone. I’m glad him and I are on the same page.

Honestly, I know having a child is a responsibility! I have watched plenty of baby shows and watch Teen Mom all the time, but I feel like if my partner and I graduate, plan and save we would be alright! I know some people have dreams of traveling the world and going to all these different concerts and enjoying life. Not saying having a baby wouldn’t be something to have joy about but having one is MY DREAM. I honestly would be heartbroken if for some reason my body wouldn’t allow me to bare a child of my own…. I know for sure I want to have a baby in my Early twenties. I know some people wait until they are in their 30’s but I just would not want that for myself.

To be honest, I am excited and dream about having a baby. I may sound ridiculous but that’s what I am looking forward to. I will do my research and plan. No, I am not scared, I am excited for my future. My dream is to hopefully start my online business so I can work at home and be a mother! I can’t wait!:) This is my dream and there is nothing wrong with that.




Hey lovelies:),

Guess what?! I took a Zumba class last night and it was intense. I’m not really the exercise type because I don’t like to sweat. I have done yoga a couple of times and I enjoy it! This Zumba class worked my entire body. I felt accomplished after my workout. I’m still sore and I left the gym drenched. It felt amazing, the workout I put my body through. I like Zumba and though I hate sweating, I will be going back to that gym for more:)

Signed Jenae;)

Girl talk: Boys

Lols I made this video awhile ago but thought it was funny . I wasn’t quite sure if I posted it on here yet so this time I am:) hope you guys like it! I will be doing more videos like these because I enjoy making them:)

Modeling and Outfits!

Hey guys:)

I have had this dream of becoming a model for the longest! Not sure if I should go for print modeling or more specific fitness modeling:) this is definitely a goal that I would love to pursue either during my last two years of college or sometime before I have a my first child lol. Below are some photos that I would consider model material haha let me know what you guys think:)